NH BFA Issues RFP for National Bond Administration Services
June 26, 2018

Request for Proposals:

The New Hampshire Business Finance Authority (“BFA”)/National Finance Authority (“Authority”) invite proposals from qualified bond program administrator services firms (to include financial and/or municipal advisory services) interested in providing the Authority with Bond Program Administrator Services.

Firms are invited to submit information outlining their organization’s qualifications and willingness to provide the bond program administrator services described in Appendix A of the RFP.

BFA and National Finance Authority:

The BFA was created in 1992 to foster economic development and create employment in New Hampshire. The BFA accomplishes these objectives by working with New Hampshire's banking, business, and economic development sectors to develop and implement programs that expand the availability of credit in the state.  Its customers include manufacturers, small and medium-sized businesses, health providers, and non-profit educational and cultural organizations. The BFA continues to update and expand its programs to meet the ever-changing credit needs of New Hampshire's business community, including for-profit and not-for-profit businesses.

The National Finance Authority is the BFA operating under the name the National Finance Authority pursuant to NH RSA 162-S, introduced and signed into law in NH SB 537. The legislation provides the opportunity to expand the availability of bond issuances from a NH scale to a national scale. As such, a contracted bond administration firm is being sought to provide those national-level services on behalf of the BFA / National Finance Authority.

All questions and inquiries should be directed to James Key-Wallace, Executive Director, NH BFA.