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Credit Committee and Board of Directors Meeting


The regular meeting of the Board of Directors scheduled for Monday, January 19 2016 at 2:00p.m., 2 Pillsbury Street, Pillsbury Meeting Room, Concord, NH.

1.  Introduction of Board of Members.

2.  Approval of Minutes for the Board Meeting of November 16, 2015.

3.  Appointment by Chairman of Vice Chairman and Treasurer.

4.  Election of Officers for the Board in accordance with the BFA By-Laws (Clerk, Senior Credit Officer, and Chief Financial Officer)

5.   Public Hearing for Assignment of $151,437,500 Tax-exempt Bond Capacity under RSA 162-M.

6.   To establish categories for the 2016 Private Activity Bond Limit.

7.   To consider approving the carry forward of $137,737,500 in 2015 Private Activity Bond Limit for Housing.

8.   Public Hearing for use and allocation of available $115,000,000 Credit Limit among uses authorized by RSA 162-A.

9.   To establish category limits in accordance with RSA 162-A:22, Unified Contingent Credit Limit. 

10. To consider providing preliminary official intent, with no reservation, to issue tax-exempt revenue bonds for Innovative Products and Equipment Inc.

  • Note: The project is located in Hudson, New Hampshire and the amount of issue is $5,400,000.

11. Month End Financial Reports - William C. Rushforth

12. Lending Reports - Michael B. Donahue

      a. CAP Loan Report
      b. Available Capacity by Program

13. Update on Borealis Granite Fund and Investing in NH seminars.

14. Executive Director's Report.

15. Nonpublic Session.

16. Other Business.