• Loans available to NH based businesses including non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations
  • Loan proceeds must be used to complete cost effective energy efficiency improvements
  • Business must exhibit a reasonable ability to repay the loan using either historical operating results or income projections
Business Energy Conservation Revolving Loan Fund
Want to improve the energy efficiency of your business and lower energy costs? Have you had trouble securing financing for the energy improvements? Then the Business Energy Conservation Revolving Loan Fund is designed for you.

The BFA's Business Energy Conservation RLF provides direct loans to improve energy efficiency in New Hampshire work places. Loans have flexible underwriting standards and loan terms. We will work with you to structure a loan package that will both reduce your energy consumption and immediately save your business money.
  • The initial minimum loan amount is $100,000
  • Loan terms will typically not exceed five (5) years
  • Amortization periods and interst rates will be structured to reflect the payback for the improvements
  • No minimum collateral coverage requirements, but the BFA will seek a security interest in all assets being financed
Loan Amounts and Terms

The BFA has received $2,000,000 from the NH PUC to capitalize the loan fund. Continued operation of the fund depends upon the recycling of loan principal repayments and additional appropriations from the PUC or other sources.
New Energy Efficient Snow Making Guns
Ragged Mountain, Danbury
Each loan application will begin with an energy audit. If your business does not have a current energy audit, please contact the BFA and its staff will connect you with programs available through your local utilities and the NH Business Resource Center. 

For more information, contact the BFA at (603) 415-0190.